Health System Review – December 14th, 2012

Americans Living Longer, Albeit with Unhealthy Lifestyles
Is Your Hospital’s Data Reliable? The Most Common Error in Hospital Data
Becker’s Hospital Review – December 12, 2012
The accuracy of hospitals’ reported data can affect the number of patients they attract and their reimbursement, as hospitals are becoming financially accountable for quality care. In addition, hospital leaders make decisions based on data; if the data are faulty, hospital leaders’ decisions may negatively influence the safety and quality of care. To ensure high quality and reach their strategic goals, hospitals need to ensure they are collecting and using data appropriately.

7-figure paychecks here to stay at nonprofit hospitals
FierceHealthcare – December 13, 2012
As they fulfill their charitable mission, nonprofit hospitals and health systems continue to dole out seven-figure compensation packages to their chief executives, the Hamilton Journal News reported.

Obama Approves Health Insurance Marketplaces in 6 States
NYT – December 11, 2012
The Obama administration gave conditional approval on Monday to health insurance marketplaces being set up by six states. The six are Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington. At the same time, the administration rejected the pleas of other states to partially expand Medicaid, causing some Republicans to express disappointment.

Health Care Industry Hiring Increases in November
Modern Healthcare – December 7, 2012
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data show the health care industry generated 20,000 jobs last month. Hospitals added 8,300 employees, while jobs in physicians’ offices grew by 1,700.

Americans Living Longer, With Unhealthy Lifestyles
Reuters – December 11, 2012
Americans have longer, but not necessarily healthier, lives due to high rates of preventable chronic disease. Gains in life expectancy contrast with Americans’ unhealthy behaviors, which have led to a 28 percent adult obesity rate, a diabetes rate of nearly 10 percent and a high blood pressure rate of more than 30 percent, according to United Health Foundation’s 2012 America’s Health Rankings which was released on Tuesday.

Brain Health Tech Market Predicted to Surpass $1B by Year’s End
Healthcare IT News – December 4, 2012
A SharpBrains report forecasts that the market for brain wellness systems, which include mobile and online tools for cognitive evaluations, behavioral treatments and training, will exceed $1 billion by the end of the year and could reach as high as $10 billion in 2020. The rising demand for the technology is driven in large part by the aging population, the report notes.