Payer Web Presence Index

While competing on Health Insurance Exchanges, it is essential for health plans to maintain a high level of consumer awareness. To assess how major health plans have prepared for the transition, Payer+Provider Syndicate assessed their web traffic, number of inbound links, and Google PageRank, and combined the numbers into an index. Payer+Provider Syndicate’s Payer Web Presence Index provides an indicator of how well health plans have marketed themselves to consumers.

According to the Payer Web Presence Index, the seven major insurers with the best web presence are:

  1. Aetna (529)
  2. Cigna (451)
  3. UnitedHealthcare (373)
  4. Humana (333)
  5. Kaiser Permanente (323)
  6. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (311)
  7. Anthem (WellPoint) (230)

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