Payer+Provider Syndicate provides services to address three needs: market analysis, impact evaluation, and performance improvement. We provide them in the context of the payer and provider industries. Due to the increasing involvement of payers in the delivery of care and providers in the management of risk, we feel that serving either requires a comprehensive understanding of both industries. In recent years, many engagements have integrated an understanding of how care is both financed and delivered. Finally, while a portion of Payer+Provider’s work is private, several clients have hired Payer+Provider to produce white papers or peer-reviewed publications to publicly disseminate findings.



Market Analysis

  • Examining consumer preferences to guide product design
  • Assessing current reimbursement practices for novel technologies
  • Forecasting demand for services
  • Assessing the level of competition for the provision of services

Impact Evaluation

  • Selecting wellness initiatives by determining their ROI and clinical benefit
  • Examining the impact of prior authorization on utilization
  • Evaluating the clinical and financial impact of interventions and services
  • Assessing the implications of acquiring, merging with, or divesting providers and service lines

Performance Improvement

  • Benchmarking providers and facilitating the transfer of best practices
  • Guiding network contracting by evaluating access to care and provider quality
  • Improving clinical outcomes and patient compliance
  • Decreasing costs and increasing productivity