Recap of 2022

BOSTON-January 16, 2023: In 2022, Payer+Provider helped numerous managed care and healthcare delivery organizations address both operational and strategic questions. While not all work led to outputs that are visible to the public, there are several items that can be shared. In each case, Payer+Provider contributed to the item’s development:

  • In January, Value in Health Regional Issues published an analysis of health insurance claims trends in Andhra Pradesh, India. Dr. Powell additionally presented a Master Class on healthcare IT at the Indian School of Business that month.
  • In February, Vascular and Endovascular Surgery published an analysis examining the outcomes experienced by patients whose orders for peripheral artery revascularization were reviewed by a prior authorization program
  • In March, the Journal of Surgical Research published a study exploring how socioeconomic status impacts gastric cancer surgical outcomes. Additionally, a poster examining the association between patient race and prior authorization outcomes was presented at the annual meeting of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).
  • In April, PLOS ONE published a study exploring how the characteristics of a patient’s healthcare provider may influence the interventions they receive following catheterization
  • In June, JMIR Formative Research published an examination of the relationship between use of 16-slice versus 64-slice computed tomography imaging and downstream care. Meanwhile, the American Society of Clinical Oncology published an abstract examining racial disparities in stage 3 lung cancer treatment. Additionally, Payer+Provider Syndicate helped facilitate the first annual meeting of the Society for Digital Mental Health.
  • In July, Dr. Powell appeared on National Public Radio to discuss mental health and how digital tools can be used to help foster it
  • In August, the Journal of Participatory Medicine published an opinion piece discussing why moving to personalized medicine requires personalized health plans
  • In October, a study on how the use of radiation therapy for the treatment of breast cancer evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic was presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)
  • In November, Sleep Medicine published an observational study exploring how testing for sleep-disordered breathing evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic. Findings from the study were additionally presented the following month at AcademyHealth: Dissemination & Implementation.

Outside of the above, Payer+Provider continued to engage with clients on a confidential basis and to develop new research which will be published in subsequent years. The above list of publications, which spans behavioral health, cardiology, diagnostic imaging, oncology, sleep medicine, and vascular surgery, provides a sense of the breadth of topics that Payer+Provider has addressed.

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