Celebrating a Decade

BOSTON-March 1, 2022: Exactly ten years ago, Payer+Provider Syndicate was founded to build a bridge between health services research and practice. In the years that have followed, numerous peer-reviewed studies have been authored, conference abstracts have been presented, operational analyses have been conducted, and strategies have been developed. While a significant portion of Payer+Provider’s work has been committed to the public record, there is likewise a vast volume of work that has occurred behind the scenes.

Reflecting on the anniversary, Payer+Provider’s President, Adam C. Powell, Ph.D., remarked, “The past decade would not have been possible without the patronage of Payer+Provider’s clients – organizations each committed to improving healthcare. I am confident that the work has made a positive impact on several facets of the healthcare system, and feel fortunate to have been able to have participated. In the years ahead, Payer+Provider will redouble its efforts to improve the quality of healthcare, evaluate the impact of interventions, and help organizations plan for the future.”

Ten Payer+Provider-related publications to celebrate ten years:

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