Generating and Quantifying Value

BOSTON-March 6, 2021: Measuring the value generated by administrative and technological interventions is at the core of Payer+Provider’s business. During 2020, Payer+Provider’s President, Adam C. Powell, Ph.D., published a trio of articles that examined value in healthcare from different angles.

Powell AC. Impact of the Artificial Nudge. Academic radiology. 2020 Jan 1;27(1):143-6. – Examined the financial impact of artificial intelligence on a radiology department

Powell AC, Torous JB, Firth J, Kaufman KR. Generating value with mental health apps. BJPsych open. 2020 Mar;6(2). – Described how mental health apps are currently generating value and being reimbursed

Powell A, Torous J. A Patient-Centered Framework for Measuring the Economic Value of the Clinical Benefits of Digital Health Apps: Theoretical Modeling. JMIR Mental Health. 2020;7(10):e18812. – Provided a methodology for quantifying the economic value of the clinical benefits that apps produce for individuals.

In addition to these academic contributions, Payer+Provider spent 2020 actively engaged in helping organizations measure the value that they deliver, frame their stories of past success, and plan for the future.

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