Measuring Value

BOSTON–December 3, 2018: In response to the high interest in measuring value in the context of healthcare, Adam C. Powell, Ph.D. has developed a course on the subject. His course, Quantifying the Value of Informatics, is available to students pursuing Master’s degrees in Health Informatics at Northeastern University. Due to the popularity of the course when it was initially offered in Spring 2018, it was offered immediately again in Fall 2018. Topics covered in the course include:

  • Measuring tangible value
  • Measuring intangible value
  • Creating value
  • Making good estimates without gathering data
  • Gathering data to estimate value
  • The impact of time on value
  • The impact of risk and uncertainty on value
  • Metrics for assessing value

The course draws upon Dr. Powell’s experiences helping organizations determine and demonstrate the value that they deliver. Return On Investment (ROI) analyses have been performed for numerous Payer+Provider clients.

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