TraumaQi Featured on - Social media's leading physician voice

NASHUA – June 6, 2012: An essay on the influence of fatigue on claim quality written by Dr. Adam Powell was featured on, the site of social media’s leading physician voice. In the essay, Dr. Powell described the problem behind Payer+Provider’s TraumaQi service:

While there is an extensive literature on how tired, overworked physicians provide lower quality medical care, one thing that has been ignored by advocates of quality improvement is that overwork financially harms hospitals as well. Just as tired physicians sometimes fail to attend to certain clinical details, they are also more likely to commit errors when writing the notes which ultimately are used during the coding process. If hospitals consider the fact that lower quality clinical documentation negatively impacts their revenue, documentation quality improvement will become a financial imperative in addition to being a medical one.

After noting that “physicians discharging three patients on a day produced about 33% less revenue per patient than they would have on a single discharge day,” Dr. Powell concluded by recommending that hospitals put into place a system for mitigating the impact of workload consisting of selectively double-checking work “to make sure that it is of the highest quality from a medical and financial perspective.”

Payer+Provider’s TraumaQi service solves the problem that Dr. Powell described in his essay. Using predictive modeling, TraumaQi identifies the claims most likely to be incompletely reimbursed due to issues related to workload. The financial benefit of reviewing each flagged claim is estimated before the flagged claims are returned to providers so that providers only undertake a review when it is likely to be financially impactful.

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