The Business of Healthcare Innovation is Available

The 2nd Edition of The Business of Healthcare Innovation, edited by Lawton Robert Burns, is now available in print. The book  provides an overview of the innovative sectors fueling improvements in healthcare: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, platform technology, medical devices and information technology. As the President of Payer+Provider Syndicate, Adam C. Powell, Ph.D. contributed a chapter on health information technology to the book, complementary copies were delivered to Payer+Provider Syndicate headquarters.

While witnessing the arrival of a textbook may not be as exciting as unboxing a new iPad, this was no ordinary book delivery. As The Business of Healthcare Innovation is published by Cambridge University Press, our copies were sent straight from England.

Swiss Post Bag Containing The Business of Healthcare Innovation

This large sack arrived at the doorstep of Payer+Provider headquarters, and we must admit it seemed a bit creepy at first. It’s not every day that the postman drops off a plasticized burlap sack from the Swiss Post.

Tag on The Business of Healthcare Innovation

Upon seeing that the sack contained printed matter, we were relieved, as we realized what had arrived.

Box Contain Lawton Robert Burns' The Business of Healthcare Innovation

It turns out that the large burlap sack contained a small box.

The Business of Healthcare Innovation contains a chapter on Health IT by Dr. Adam Powell

At last, Dr. Adam Powell got to see his chapter on health IT in print!

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