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BOSTON-October 1, 2013: Following on the heels of the well-received release of the Payer Web Presence Index, Payer+Provider Syndicate has released a similar index ranking the web presence of hospitals and health systems. Announced today at CareFWD, the Provider Web Presence Index enables health systems and hospitals to benchmark the quality of their web presence against competitors by providing a single indicator which incorporates measures of web traffic, inbound linking, and site relevance. As hospitals consolidate and fight for patients in the wake of healthcare reform, understanding the impact of consumer marketing efforts will only grow in importance. Updated on a quarterly basis, the Provider Web Presence Index enables providers to track whether their online marketing efforts are having the desired effect.

According to the Index, the 30 hospitals and health systems with the best web presence are:

1. VA Healthcare System (299)
2. New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (266)
3. Massachusetts Dept. of Health and Human Services (262)
4. University of California San Francisco Medical Center (256)
5. Indiana Family & Social Services Administration (252)
6. University of Kentucky Medical Center (247)
7. University Hospital (University of New Mexico) (243)
8. 59th Medical Wing (Air Force) (234)
9. Tennessee Dept. of Health (222)
10. Maine Dept. of Health and Human Services (219)
11. Johns Hopkins Medicine (218)
12. MD Anderson Cancer Center (212)
13. Mayo Clinic (206)
14. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (204)
15. University of Maryland Medical Center (204)
16. Texas Dept. of State Health Services (204)
17. Oregon Health Sciences University and Hospital (203)
18. Arkansas Dept. of Human Services (203)
19. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (200)
20. Boston Children’s Hospital (200)
21. Keller Army Community Hospital (200)
22. University of Kansas Medical Center (199)
23. University of Texas Health Sciences Center (198)
24. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (198)
25. University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Center (197)
26. Cleveland Clinic Foundation (197)
27. University of Michigan Health System (194)
28. Brigham and Women’s Hospital (194)
29. Kaiser Permanente (194)
30. Mount Sinai Hospital (193)

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According to Adam Powell, Ph.D., President of Payer+Provider Syndicate, “In the years ahead, web presence is likely to become a Key Performance Indicator used by providers. Increasing patient panel size is one of the few means that providers have to grow their revenue under value-based payment. By effectively engaging consumers online, providers can bolster their reputations and increase their utilization.”

The Provider Web Presence Index was calculated by using data from Alexa and Google captured in September 2013. Estimates of site traffic were measured by a proprietary toolbar which reports traffic data to Alexa. Google PageRank data were used to assess Google’s perception of the relative importance of the sites. The Provider Web Presence Index ranked every hospital and health system in the country by assigning a score to its domain. As government-run health systems often share domains with high-traffic government websites, many of the top scoring health systems were government-run. The top three private provider organizations were Johns Hopkins Medicine, Mayo Clinic, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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